GreenHistory is a new venture for Rigall/Design.  We are exploring the viability of a one week-long garden history tour which would take place several times a year and conducted in the southwestern counties of England.

The itinerary would include a survey of garden history covering the earliest periods stylistically with examples found in various existing English gardens.  The garden making heritage of England and the landscape design history available to explore in gardens that are open to the public offers a great opportunity to learn from visiting and observing what the course work will introduce to you.

Garden Tour / History Course
This tour concept,  now under development, will be a week-long course on garden history.  This course will be offered in conjunction with a garden tour, in the greater London area, demonstrating examples of historic garden styles.

One goal will be to have the participants of this history course form an informal group of interested people who may meet for occasional GreenHistory events and maintain the conversation started at the course/tour.

The key means for understanding the gardens on tour will be to study and discuss the cultural context in which they were created. Since the cultural history of the gardens can point to other historic issues and discussions, the gardens should be seen in a new light once their historic backdrop is painted.