Sustainable Historic Landscapes – a panel discussion at Claremont

The balance of the Claremont Landscape Garden,  held and being maintained by the National Trust since the end of World War 2, is composed of the campus of Claremont Fan Court School. The school is sponsoring regular talks on garden history.  They have had Professor Timothy Mowl and author Jane Brown speak to large gatherings in the mansion.  This is a wonderful opportunity to meet people interested in garden history and to meet in a fantastic historic space.  This year the organizers have invited a panel of experts to discuss the issues confronting any organization responsible for sustaining a historic landscape.

The National Trust’s calendar of events describe the event below.

Visit Claremont House to hear a discussion about Sustainable Historic Landscapes.  Last year’s talk was standing room only!

Claremont School hosts a lively discussion about Sustainable Historic Landscapes with Garden Historian Dr Kate Felus, Landscape Architects Dominic Cole and Chris Churchman and Architect Michael Phillips. A pre-lecture lunch of soup, a sandwich and hot drink in the Claremont Landscape Garden Cafe will be available at £10 per head. (Pre-booked only)

You can book tickets at  or at the door.

2014 Claremont Garden History Panel Flyer

TED talk – how to do something without permission!

“Pam Warhurst: How we can eat our landscapes” I thought the key message in this talk was her recognition of the importance of buy-in from a dedicated group of participants. Organically formed organizations eventually need to find their foundation within the structure of the community and not a dependence on the original leadership.  It looks like this is exactly what is happening here.  I’m not sure how landscape architects could find a way of helping this, perhaps it will be simply finding a way to create an alliance. I hope she can see the beauty in the garden that isn’t edible as well. Click on this link to see what she has been able to do!


New Website and Blog launched

I am moving away from my static Rigall/Design website and into a more active web presence with this new WordPress site.  This will take much learning and changes in habits so please excuse the current roughness of the site.  I am jumping in and learning while swimming in this new environment.  As the conversation begins I look forward to meeting more people interested in gardens and garden history.  We will see.