A mooring in Loughborough

Well, I have had many inspired mooring this year, mostly just what I needed at the time with good people and supply. Now I am at a point where getting some work done with as much support as I can get is

appreciated. What I have found here is really exceptional, all the shops, all the WiFi cafés, two Witherspoon’s, a laundrette, a well connected rail station and a library with Wi-Fi and really exceptional parks!

So I am soaking up the goodness of this place and I hope it rubs off onto the work.

Moving NB Poppy North

Getting the new cover fitted at Compton
Poppy moored in Oxley

The days have been going along well, not moving very fast but getting many things on Poppy improved. New canvas for the bow and now waiting for its oil change to take place at Oxley Marine. The people along the cut (canal) are great, except for some hire boats which, I think want to be kind and calm but have to get back on a due date!

My stay in Birmingham

IMG_20160702_185252I have been working on a model for my website that will produce the timeline of garden history contexts I need. It is not ready for sharing but I hope to put up a draft for comments soon. In the mean time here is a photo of NB Poppy at her 14 day mooring. It is near the library and Costa and 2 Wetherspoons!

Catch up post

Well, the Greenhistory blog hasn’t really made it to a point where the content is being kept current, but I am moving forward to the goals I had for it! As it gets more readable I’ll share it’s web address with my FB friends. I am currently spending the summer on NB Poppy and am moored in B’ham for a couple of weeks.  With more time to devote to Greenhistory


I expect some progress.  Today though is being spent at the library.  It is 10 degrees colder here and wetter than at Kenai Alaska!

A Week in New Orleans

French Quarter Facades
French Quarter Facades

Wow, I have learned so much on this visit.  First, New Orleans can teach what we need to know about the history of race relations in the United States.  The path from French colony to American city is a case study in the development of race separations and the assertion of a superior class.  Second, as many know, it must be one of the richest of cities for its character and diverse architecture. The confining water on all of its sides has made a concentration of urbanity and desperation which is hard to find anywhere else.  But, it is not a museum city like Venice.  It just reminds you of such places. I have had a great time here and will look forward to learning more and returning for another visit.

Christmas at home in Alaska

2014 Christmas Tree

I am enjoying moving my nexus of activity from Tampa for a few weeks to be home with Leah.  Work is going very well and continues during the holidays but at a slower pace.  The schedule includes gathering a Christmas tree and being able to join Todd, my son in law ornithologist on the Christmas bird count!  This is the shortest day of the year so rather than getting up at 4 am to get up with the birds we are going out at 10 am when we have dawn here in AK!

Working in Florida

The trip to Tampa worked out very well with a stop over in NYC to visit my nephew Jason.  The last couple of weeks have gone past very quickly as projects have occupied the schedule, along with some pleasant time spent with family.  As the work product gets ready to share here on the website I wanted to post a progress report and to just say all is well in Tampa.

My son Jeff with his Aunt Maryimage[/caption]

Laundry Day with NB Poppy

On the road in Ware
On the road in Ware

There are many ways people who live in narrow boats manage their laundry. Some have enough electrical power to supply an on-board washing machine. This would be very nice. But as a boat that uses very little power and replaces it with a solar panel this isn’t going to be an option. So, you map all of the launderettes that are located within a reasonable hike from the canal. Today the laundry was done by packing it up and walking to Ware were there is a launderette located just outside the center of town and on top of a hill. Ware is about 2.5 miles from Hertford via the tow path. I joked with the laundrette owner that many people have paid good money to take a walking tour of the UK and I get it free with each laundry day. It was overcast but in the mid-60’s so the walk was pleasant and the work kept me very warm. This photo isn’t very picturesque but note the backpack with the clean towels peeking out.

Walking the Canals of London

When you have a narrow boat as a home you need to do research as to the most likely next place to visit and call “home”.  So walking a long the tow path is just part of the continuous process.  You could take the boat and cruise until you find the perfect place,

NB Poppy at Markfield Park
Current view from NB Poppy

but, remember you can walk faster than any of the boats!  You can also take transit back and hop on a bus if it rains, and it will rain!

Making a Home – Hardware and Software

New Stove meant moving all of the electrics, but that means they have all been tested and upgraded!
New Stove meant moving all of the electrics, but that means they have all been tested and upgraded!
The Lee Navigation at Hertford is one of the best mooring I have found!
The Lee Navigation at Hertford is one of the best mooring I have found! Good people and loads of stores and shops.

Well, I have the narrow boat Poppy developed to the point where the next level will involve serious plumbing and kitchen upgrading so I can stop here and enjoy the fruits of the last few months of work. But, this has me realizing that as I established a good and healthy place to live on the canals and rivers of England the real work can now start of maintaining my home as it has always been defined for me, the sharing of love and interests with family and friends. This, to me, boils down to the difference between hardware and software in that you can create the best hardware in the world and have it useless without some software or content on which to express its “coolness” and capabilities. This blog and website will be the home of GreenHistory, the new venture I have mentioned and Rigall/Design, LLC the design firm that continues to prosper and find ways of helping a very good clients. I have a lot to learn about this work of keeping a blog but you will, I hope, see the progress if you keep checking in for the new posts. To those that haven’t seen some of the interior improvements to NB Poppy, I am sharing some photos of its new stove and the associated solar and electrical panel. As my posting gets more second nature you may have more of my observations and opinions shared, as is typical of blogs, but stay tuned for much more news on GreenHistory and the first garden history course / tour which will be offered Spring of 2015.  The details are now being worked on and you will be asked for more input as they become more fixed as to dates.